We are an entrepreneurial holding that is focused
on building companies and scale their businesses
in entirely new ‘deep tech’ categories. Our activities
also include the bridges between technology,
architecture and arts.

Photo: German Deep Tech Headquarters

What We Do

German Deep Tech is an entrepreneurial holding company that has been transferring academic potential into marketable companies since 2001 with the goal of creating a positive impact by unlocking Deep Tech.

Headed by Marc Hildebrandt, the holding supports brilliant researchers and tech pioneers in founding and scaling Deep Tech companies to translate the latest technological developments into products and services. As an innovation driver, German Deep Tech provides digitalisation impulses for companies, markets and people.


Middleware Expertise

We aim to make an impact on society by transferring research results in the field of Deep Tech & Big Data into new companies, that interpret data of all kinds to provide human-understandable answers to novel questions. The sectors we focus on are AI, Blockchain, Digital Asset Management and IoT Platforms.

Our Core


Deep Tech Education & Transfer

The German Deep Tech Institute combines research from Data & IT Systems Engineering, Deep Tech Entrepreneurship and Investment with industrial enterprises.


High frequency Trading Systems for Digital Assets

Our software for Digital Asset Analytics leverages the latest insights from Digital Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Visual Analytics. In particular, our team applies latest research in Evolutionary &  Genetic Algorithms for multiobjective optimization of quantitative digital asset models.


From data to actionable insight

We enable companies to connect and combine asset data into a multi-dimensional information space and allows them to monitor, assess, control, and optimize production resources and processes early and proactively.


Software Analytics & Process Mining

Seerene’s Digital Boardroom is a software analytics and process mining technology that analyzes and visualizes the software development processes in your company. It reveals weaknesses and turns your organization into a well-oiled machine, delivering software efficiently, cost-effectively, quickly, and with the highest quality.

Digital Twin, Point Cloud Analysis and Classification

Point Cloud Technology offers solutions for big data analytics on 3D point clouds based on machine learning. Our solutions represent a game-changing technology for physical assets, sites, and environments, delivering actionable insights from terabytes of spatial data.

Image and Video Analysis & Abstraction

One trillion photos are taken every year and billions of them are shared online. Soon 90% of the world’s internet traffic will be video. The impact of visual omnipresence is undeniable. Digital Masterpieces integrates innovation from research into a high-performance image and video processing platform.

Motion and Location Analytics and Revenue Prediction

Keeping the world in motion. Geographic network analytics – used around the globe to unlock complex networks and get actionable insights as never seen before. We help business and public organizations harvesting the power of complex geospatial information enabling instant and powerful decision making for mobility challenges.



Specialised in property management of special and commercial properties, German Prop Tech takes complete care of real assets of almost any size and offers a unique combination of customised property management and technical innovations – from automated site analysis to spatial data collection of properties.